Welcome to Haringhata Development Block

Welcome to the Haringhata Development Block.


Haringhata CD Block is bounded by Chakdaha CD Block in the North and West, Bangaon and  Gaighata CD Blocks, in North 24 Parganas district, in the East, AmdangaHabra I and Habra II CD Blocks, in North 24 Parganas district, in the South Haringhata CD Block has an area of 170.32 km2. It has 01 Panchayat Samity, 01 Municipality, 08 Gram Panchayats, 139 Gram Sansads (village councils), 87 mouzas and 82 inhabited villages. Haringhata police station serves this block. Headquarters of this CD Block is at Subarnapur.
Gram panchayats of Haringhata Block/ Panchayat samiti are: Birohi-I, Birohi-II, Fatepur, Kastodanga-I, Kastodanga-II, Mollabelia, Nagarukhra-I and Nagarukhra-II.


From the desk of BDO

Haringhata Development Block has got its present status after bifurcation and creation of Haringhata Municipality with two gram panchayats viz. Haringhata-1 & Haringhata-2 since 2nd January, 2014. Presently the block consists of 8 gram panchayats (Viz. Birahi-1, Birahi-2, Fatepur, Mollabellia, Kastadanga-1, Kastadanga-2, Nagarukhara-1 & Nagarukhara-2). Haringhata block is the southernmost block of the Nadia district and is surrounded by North 24 Porgonas district from 3 sides. The block is blessed with fertile agricultural land and thereby creating a progressive farming community. The block has also become a vibrant educational hub with presence of 4 universities (BCKV, MAKAUT, IIESER & WBUA&FS).Presence of AIIMS, kalyani at the border of Haringhata police station jurisdiction has also changed the health scenario of the locality. National Highway 12 (NH 12), previously NH 34 runs through the block and with its present expansion and upgradation process, Haringhata will be a vital point of road transportation. With this backdrop, it has been our prime vision to achieve a sustainable development for all the people and for this all the 8 GP’s of Haringhata Block along with Panchayat Samity are working as a team to ensure overall collective growth in terms of Economy, Human Development, Infrastructural Development etc. Introduction of Block Website is one such  step towards transparent & timely service delivery and to promote E-Governance as future plan and to make people aware of the Govt. schemes & facilities they are eligible to get.

SAVAPATI's Message

ভারতবর্ষের পরিচিত ব্লক হরিণঘাটা। হরিণঘাটা পঞ্চায়েত সমিতি সাধারন মানুষের আশা আকাঙ্খা পূরনে অঙ্গীকারবদ্ধ। ১০০ দিনের কাজ সহ বিশুদ্ধ পানীয় জল সরবরাহ, শিক্ষা ও স্বাস্থ্য পরিষেবা, নারী ও শিশু কল্যাণ সহ বিভিন্ন উন্নয়ণমূলক কাজ  স্বচ্ছতার সঙ্গে হরিণঘাটা পঞ্চায়েত সমিতি  এগিয়ে নিয়ে চলেছে। সমস্ত নাগরিকের সু-পরামর্শের আশা রাখছি। সমস্ত সাধারন নাগরিকের প্রতি আমাদের শুভেচ্ছা রইল।
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