Block Land & Land Reforms Office


This office has a far reaching interface with the citizens , businesses and other Government /public sectors departments in this block and interacts with these stakeholders on  day-to-day basis. The Block Land and Land Reforms Officer is the custodian of the records of the tenants covering 86 mouzas fall under the jurisdiction of this block. Basically this office provides the following citizen centric work :
  1. Mutation of land
  2. Conversion of character of land
  3. Certified copies of R-O-R
  4. Plot information
  5. Correction of land records
  6. Distribution of land among the landless people
  7. Lease out the land
  8. Rent collection.
A citizen willing to mutate his/her land or to convert the character of his/her land or to get certified copies of the R-O-R/ plot information, he/she may apply through online (Banglarbhumi /e-district portal of West Bengal). Apart from these this office always keep close vigil over rights of Bargadar,  rights of tribal land and any unauthorised conversion of the character of land.
To render the Government services the officers and staff together play a significant role. They leave no stone unturned to dispose  application filed by the public with their best effort.

Following officers and staff are engaged in this holy service:- 
Serial No. Name of the Officer/ staff Designation
1. Sri Sudip Sarkar S.R.O.-II & B.L. & L.R.O.
2. Smt. Maitri Manna R.O.
3. Sri Pankaj Kumar Das R.O.
4. Sri Avijit Ghosh R.O.
5. Smt. Susmita Dey R.O.
6. Sri Sukumar Paul U.D.C.
7. Sri Akhil Mondal U.D.C.
8. Sri Shashwata Chattapadhyay U.D.C.
9. Sri Dilip Kumar Mallick R.I.
10. Sri Manik Halder R.I.
11. Sri Pallab Das R.I.
12. Smt. Supriya Baral R.I.
13. Md. Imtiazul Haque B.S.
14. Javed Kaizer B.S.
15. Sri Mrityunjoy Podder B.S.
16. Sajeda Bibi Office Peon
17. Sri Tilak Barai Night Guard